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1       Product Name  

Tomato pulp                                    


2     Composition Crushed Peeled tomatoes, citric acid, salt
3 Biological characteristics,relevant chemical and physical for food safety



–         Dry extract: 7% min

–        PH: 3.90 – 4.20

–         Total acidity: 8% max

–        Normal chlorides: 1% max

–        Seed weight: 5% max of the weight of the tomatoes

–         Total surface of skins remaining adherent to the fruit: 2cm2 / 100gr

–         Hygiene and toxicity conditions: Complies with standard NT 52-01, NT 46.01 (2005)

–         Mineral impurities: 0.02% max of the weight of the contents of the box in accordance with standard NT 52.03 (1983)

–         Pesticide residues: complies with the maximum tolerated limits for pesticide residues established by standard NT 117.03

4      Nutritional values / per 100g  

–         Energy: 117 KJ / 27.94 Kcal

–         Fat: 0.2g (Saturated: 0.03g / Monounsaturated: 0.02g / Polyunsaturated: 0.11g)

–         Carbohydrate: 4.5g (Sugars: 2.2g / Dietary fiber: 1.3g)

–         Proteins: 2.05g

–         Salt: 0.3g

–        Vitamin A: Negligible amounts

–        Vitamin C: Negligible amounts

–        Vitamin E: Negligible amounts

–        Calcium: Negligible quantities

–         Iron: 3.8mg

5      Service life and conditions

      planned conservation

–         Best before date of use (DLUO): 18 months
6 Conditioning Aseptic bags of 10kg, 20kg, 200kg
7     Labeling relating to the safety of

     food and / or instructions

     for handling, preparation and


Indication of production date and time, barrel number and weight



8      Transport conditions Transport at ambient temperature in trailers or containers
9 Intended use and destination (user,



Industry for reconditioning

– End consumer consumed as it. Any consumer

– Once opened, the product must be stored at a temperature of max 6 ° C and consumed quickly.









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