Agricultural first touches determine the product’s quality. SICAM is the partner of nature which is the core of its activity.  SICAM is developing the tomato cultivation in the most efficient way at perfect maturity in the best regions of Tunisia. It is a selective choice of our farming partners based on a relationship of trust and loyalty.

100% pure TUNISIAN sun

Being talented is quite important to succeed and prosper. In this respect, SICAM is a leader in Tunisia and a key player at the international level. A talent is an innate and natural grant. SICAM has greatly profited form the Tunisian heat and sunlight, they are not simply coasts that are good to live in, They are also, and above all else, very fertile lands where everything that grows has an incomparable taste.

SICAM confirms that all its farming products are 100% PURE TUNISIAN.

However to be clear, the sun is not enough. Talent and skill are also required for success. Agricultural and industrial expertises as well as social responsibility are quite important for a brighter future.


SICAM is the world’s leading processor of fresh tomatoes into canned concentrate, has been Tunisia’s best for over 50 years, and is a specialist in Harissa (spicy sauce) and fruit jams in the region. SICAM has the capacity to process more than 500,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes per year, reaching international records. SICAM has an aseptic tomato puree production capacity of over 20,000 tonnes per year.

SICAM produces, develops and preserves the best of fruits.




Unwavering attention is paid to each stage of product development.

On arrival at the site, SICAM performs a sorting to select the tomatoes and for monitoring and traceability by sophisticated equipment called “samplers”. Quality controls are carried out throughout the chain, from the raw material to the finished product. 1000 control analysis reports carried out per day during the transformation campaign. Preservation is ensured by a process of pasteurization, sterilization by heating then sudden cooling, all without any addition of preservatives.

Quality guaranteed products