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In 1967, the Group of the late Youssef  Bayahi embarked on the agrifood adventure. He bought a processing unit for fresh tomatoes in double concentrate, LA SICA. Relying on a rich heritage of know-how, open and investing in technical innovations, and adopting offensive management, in 1969, the company took the name SICAM (Industrial Company of Canned Foods) and processed fifty tonnes of tomatoes. It has become the industry leader in terms of production.


Throughout its activities, SICAM grows each year with heavy investments to increase production capacity with the most modern technology.

From 2005, SICAM ventured out with the launch of the peeled range, a first in Tunisia. And in 2010 a pulp aseptic line was set up.

In 2012: the PROCAN subsidiary was created for the production of tin cans.

In 2015: the launch of EASY OPEN for the Double Concentrate.

In 2017: the creation of the SICAM-AGRI subsidiary to manage the supply of vegetables and fruits.

Continuous investments are led by SICAM to process more than a million cans per day and more than 500,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes per campaign.